Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Planting in Edinburgh

Hey ho!
Now, instead of studying, working, or doing whatever else one should do; I spend a considerable amount of my time doing origami paper boxes.
But I'm running out of the pieces of paper with sentences; Cornelia and I will have to get doing some more soon.

I'm thinking of having a nice evening of box making and seedspreading.
Might come up soon!

Wondering what the others are up to...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spread seeds and thoughts!

What could be the nicest thing to improve the tristesse of big cities' grey november skies?
Grab your pen, write down your thoughts, your message, what you want to share with people. Grab some candies and fatty chocolate bears. Grab scissors and coloured paper, make candy-lookalike boxes. Put everything in the boxes and make their purpose clear: „Nimm mich mit“. (Optional, the Cornelia version: „Geöffnet mir“, an example of excellence in german grammar!)
Last but not least: Create a blog, a sharing platform for the lucky ones to find a message.
And so we did: Every single person in our group was highly excited about the action, with Neus leading the way, as it might have been expected. Sitting in Ida Nowhere in a circle, the tension is growing. No one can await to start spreading our seedthoughts-messages in Berlin-Neukölln.
Finally, after hours of hard labor, we (almost) stormed out of Ida Nowhere, fully prepared and carrying a box full of boxes. So it all began: bicycle baskets, open boots, socks, childrens hoods, plants, ticket machines... There is a never ending range of possibilities to explore!
But the ultimate kick turned out to result from de-pickpocketing: Try and put a box into open bags of people or optional into baby carriages: delightful!
Mission accomplished: for now. Everyone is up for the next day of spreading our messages, our small gifts for everybody. (The production of more boxes already got started in the same day's evening: It's addictive!)
The next morning, we were really eager to go on, get growing, spread seeds/thoughts. Machinelike production of boxes (they are getting nicer and nicer!), copyshop: quotes and messages, the last candies, and finally some paper hearts. Ready to go again!

By Laura, few days ago. =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Watch out, more seeds are on their way!

After yesterdays thrilling experience, there will be some seeds finding their way into your environment again. We are excited about spreading some more thoughts. Watch out, Berlin!